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The "Red Dot" isn't working as I expect it to
Last Updated 4 years ago

  • The "Red Dot" is a guide only
  • The current set up of the laser means the red dot is inherently inaccurate
    • The current position of the dot is dependent on the bed height
    • The mechanism is susceptible to being physically knocked out of position
    • The firmware of the laser includes extra space on boundaries it displays
      • The space used to accelerate / decelerate the laser during engrave operations is included in the bounding box
  • Things you can do to mitigate this
    • Perform a high speed / low power vector cut operation (100/1) percentages
      • This will show you a feint outline of the actual area that the laser will operate upon
    • Run some test cuts
    • Make yourself a template or jig so that you can accurately place your material within the machine
  • Things you should not do
    • Rely upon the "red dot"

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